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Honest feedback wanted

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(mann 36 år fra Oslo) fr. 22 april 2016 17:07 Privat melding

I have been around for 3 months now, I have tried to send out message to the ladies on my match list but haven't had much luck or response. I would appreciate if I could get an honest feedback if there is some text in my profile that scares the girls away or if there are any improvement suggestions.

Tusen takk for your time and for any feedback you might or might not give.

P.S. Before this thread turns ugly and I get accused of trying to advertise myself, I am really looking for some improvement pointers and feedback.

(kvinne 53 år fra Hordaland) fr. 22 april 2016 17:56 Privat melding

I read your profile and its a very nice one actually.....even though many Norwegians do speak English many might hesitate if they communication will only be in understand Norwegian? If so can your prospects perhaps adress you in Norwegian?

I like your profile,but from what I see in the forum I think it need a touch of are a fun decent nice respectable guy...your profile make you sound a bit serious..if you understand what I mean.

Ofcourse Im not in your interest area nor in the right age...but I do think you could do pretty good for yourself ,perhaps there is a code to crack?

I belive in you :)

(mann 36 år fra Oslo) lø. 23 april 2016 00:00 Privat melding

Tusen tusen Tusen Takk Fendi... I will try to make my profile less serious and unfortunately my norwegian skills are really bad so will have improve on that over time I guess!!

Skjult ID med pseudonym - lø. 23 april 2016 00:20

Well, there have been some media reports, in Norway, concerning " foreigners" and attemptes on economic fraud on dating sites ! A Norwegian profile maybe ...?

Skjult ID med pseudonym - lø. 23 april 2016 00:31

But than again, maybe you're one of these guys...?

(mann 36 år fra Oslo) lø. 23 april 2016 00:35 Privat melding

Ohh No I have been made... I better disable my profile and run :-P

If I was a fake profile I wouldn't have paid and become a super user, but yes I will try to insert some norwegian text and see if that helps :)

Thanks for your feedback :)

(kvinne 53 år fra Hordaland) lø. 23 april 2016 00:43 Privat melding

Ive seen the scam profiles..usually its rather empty and and contains much abut love and ladida..and soulmate and everything they think we girls will swallow hook line and sinker:D

You profile doesnt look like scam..;)

(kvinne 53 år fra Hordaland) lø. 23 april 2016 00:43 Privat melding

bad scammer if you where here for 3 months hahaha :D

nattinatten :)

(kvinne 57 år fra Akershus) lø. 23 april 2016 02:31 Privat melding

I would perhaps suggest more pictures close up of you smiling, and I agree that a touch of humor would be nice. Otherwise the text is great, but if you would like help to translate it into Norwegian let me know. On the other hand, if the girl is not confident reading and speaking English, things might get complicated :-)

(mann 48 år fra Oslo) lø. 23 april 2016 03:03 Privat melding

Your profile is fine, but I think your catch 22 is the language. Anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe number will probably see your English as no problem since your profile seems sincere enough (the skiing part is a nice and humorous touch), but unfortunately the vast amount of obvious fake profiles here will automatically make lots of people sceptical towards any profile not written in Norwegian. On the other hand, a profile written in broken Norwegian will probably have the same effect as we are just too familiar with the hideous and ridiculous phenomenon Google translate.
My advice is simply to not get discouraged either way. Most of us get very few visits and even fewer responses, so just take this or what it is. Come what may and all that.

(mann 36 år fra Oslo) lø. 23 april 2016 10:59 Privat melding

@Frendi: You are so cruel, first I am bad at getting a date and now you even call me a bad scammer... My fragile male ego.. what am i going to do now. :-P

@Solecita: Hope to get some good pictures in a day or two.. Its nice and sunny outside... should head out and get some pictures clicked.

@HerrFekt: Thank you for the feedback.

Skjult ID med pseudonym Creeper lø. 23 april 2016 11:14

I've met you IRL and have just one think to say when it comes to profile improvement. You need better picutures, man! Better close-ups of you smiling :)

Your English seems far better than most Norwegians', so that might be a concern for some girls. Especially if they can choose from a lot of native speakers.

Wish you the best of luck. I believe you will be better of in a Sukker party where you can show off IRL

(kvinne 53 år fra Hordaland) lø. 23 april 2016 12:16 Privat melding

@Bimal and see you ARE funny !!! they should know that the girls you want to get interested in you :))

Now im off to work please behave ppl :))

Eller for de som er redd dette er en skal på jobb....oppfør dere....hvis dere klarer folkens :D:D

(mann 36 år fra Oslo) lø. 23 april 2016 15:55 Privat melding

@Creeper - Yep plan to get some new pics. I have started taking norsk classes so hopefully this will help with not just sukker but for a better integration into the norwegian society.

I have only been around for 3 months and the only sukker parties we seem to have is ski and I am scared to go there as I suck at skiing.

@Fendi - Most people who know me say that I have a extremely dark sense of humor and it's risky to practise that online as people take what you write literally.

(mann 48 år fra Oslo) lø. 23 april 2016 23:45 Privat melding

Part of the fun is to use humor online to see who actually gets it. And the fewer smileys, the better. The way you write is more important than using smileys all the time just to show that you are joking, in my opinion.
Probably beside the theme here, but still...

(kvinne 53 år fra Hordaland) sø. 24 april 2016 00:25 Privat melding

@I think if people get your humour they get you -do you need to show off your dark side right of the bat? :D

Skjult ID fr. 29 april 2016 15:06

Hi, English is also my language and I don't consider it a problem that many women will be put off answering because of it. I actually speak Norwegian fairly well, but would like a relationship where English is the main language, just like you. Therefore it's an important filter on my search that she must be comfortable replying and chatting in English. If she won't answer, we never stood a chance anyway. I would say that about one in four or five of the women who swipe me as interested are actually then willing to have a conversation. By that stage I'm already impressed by them and they have my respect for being willing to start a friendship in a second language. There are surprisingly many out there, and once they respond you already know they are intelligent, social, interesting, adventurous, generous and considerate (Good for you, women of Norway! :) You won't find men on the English equivalent who'll chat to you in Norwegian! ).

I wouldn't be interested in a woman who wasn't smiling or at least looking relaxed in her profile picture, so I'd imagine your picture is quite off-putting. It's not to do with your looks, it's just that you aren't showing any personality at all.