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(mann 36 år fra Oslo) ti. 31 mai 2016 18:03 Privat melding

I know we have had many people posting threads saying good bye and they have been accused of being attention seekers and maybe I will be as well but hey who cares.

I thought I would leave quietly and without saying goodbye but it didn't feel right to me, so yeah here goes my good bye "attention seeking" thread.

I disabled my subscription this week as I feel sukker is not working out for me. I will try and see if RL is any kinder. I have meet a bunch of great people here who have welcomed me here and have been really kind to me. As a foreigner I felt more welcome here than I anticipated. Thank you for your hospitality, kindness and friendliness.

I wish you all best of luck in finding your right match, keep the forum going with your outrageous threads and wild comments.

Cheers and Peace!

Skjult ID med pseudonym Antonyma ti. 31 mai 2016 18:23

Best wishes Bimal!💃👍🍀

(kvinne 56 år fra Akershus) ti. 31 mai 2016 19:37 Privat melding

Hi, I will miss you! Take care, lots of luck in the real world, and if you change your mind later, a lot of us will probably still be here to welcome you back :-)

Big hug!

(kvinne 40 år fra Hordaland) ti. 31 mai 2016 21:26 Privat melding

Best of luck to you, Bimal 😊

(kvinne 48 år fra Oslo) ti. 31 mai 2016 23:39 Privat melding

@ Bimal: May you find luck and happiness, and may the Gods let beautiful girls fall into your lap.

And thank you for your words of comfort and support when I needed it the most. 😌

Skjult ID med pseudonym Tinka on. 1 juni 2016 02:47

Ha det Bimal, and good luck in love and life :D

(kvinne 48 år fra Oslo) on. 1 juni 2016 10:16 Privat melding

Bye bye Bimal. Good luck to you IRL. I hope you find what you are looking for. 😊

(mann 36 år fra Oslo) sø. 5 juni 2016 19:10 Privat melding

Thank you for your lovely wishes everyone, Hopefully will catch up with a few of you if we have another forum meet.