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Impressed by the ladies of Norway!

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(mann 48 år fra Hordaland) sø. 10 juli 2016 17:32 Privat melding

I'm an Englishman here in Norway. Out of personal choice I communicate in English here. I speak Norwegian, but I don't feel I can be "myself" when I use it. I never mind people responding in Norwegian, because I'm impressed they answer in the first place, but most actually answer in English.
A lot just ignore me, either because of language or lack of interest in me, but a lot are happy to start a conversation.
So I'd just like to say a big thank you to the women of Sukker for your willingness to indulge a lazy immigrant and let you know I'm impressed with your positive attitude 😀, I'm afraid this won't happen to Norwegians on a British site. 😉

(mann 48 år fra Hordaland) sø. 10 juli 2016 18:41 Privat melding

Thanks, I'm glad they voted somebody in to speak for them. Of course I'm white and western European, so I get called an "expat". I'm still here to steal your jobs and benefits simultaneously though. And your women, obviously ;)