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Being new in norway

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(mann 26 år fra Oslo) ma. 20 mars 2017 10:36 Privat melding

I'm hamza and i came to norway one year and a half ago
Since I'm singel, i tried to havd dates because living alone in norway is a bit difficult
I have friends but it's still hole in my heart need to be filled
My objection here is that i think that its so hard for boys here to bd in dates
I has been trying for a year in diffirent websites and i fid not get a reply

So i need help here to know which methodes usually used here by men to meet girls and make dates

Skjult ID med pseudonym Solo ma. 20 mars 2017 12:45

Hi, Hamza
As we say here on forum:
Welcome to the cuckoo's nest.
First thing that comes to my head- most of the ladies in here is "conserned" about the grammar in the text. Trie to polish your grammar.

Beside that, just send out textmsg's, fill your album with good pictures of you in your "natural habitat" and you Will hopefully have a good profile.

Good luck :)

Skjult ID med pseudonym Solo ma. 20 mars 2017 12:54

As we say inn Norway:
Fast done :P

Skjult ID med pseudonym Uenig ma. 20 mars 2017 13:55

You have a better chance then most Norwegian males do, go for it and enjoy it.

Skjult ID med pseudonym mann40år ti. 21 mars 2017 21:17

Try to check out women that are somewhat older than yourself Hamza, and you might well find gold ...

(mann 26 år fra Oslo) on. 22 mars 2017 04:33 Privat melding

I did not get it uenig
What is it that i have when most norwigians do not?

(mann 29 år fra Hordaland) on. 22 mars 2017 11:31 Privat melding

Well, do you send detailed texts? Or just "hi"? Since your profile is empty it would probably be a good idea to send a rather detailed text and comment their profile and what you like about it. I don't it would hurt to fill out your profile either - just one picture and no text leaves a bit too much to the imagination. They get no impression of you or what you want. And upload more pictures to your album.

What to say in a message is another story, because that depends on the girl and what kind of girl you like. But I don't think you can go wrong with a bit of info about yourself, more pictures and something more detailed than "Hello" as a first message.

Skjult ID med pseudonym turbulenz on. 22 mars 2017 15:27

Hey Hamza.
Don't listen to that Hovmester.
With his view on women, no wonder his bitter comment on women.
Make a good profile. Be nice when you send messages.
Women like nice and calm.
We don't Dream about dominant males that act like assholes.
50 shades is for women without a real life.
We are Independent. We don't have to take the first and not the best.
We are highly educated, make our own money, have our own flat.
Most of us don't need to be a kept woman.

Skjult ID med pseudonym turbulenz on. 22 mars 2017 15:51

We don't want the first, and NOT best Rosa57.
Several men ten to twenty years older than the woman exept you to say hell yes!! I want the best man for sure. 👍🏻
He's my age, not close to my mother's age.

Skjult ID med pseudonym turbulenz on. 22 mars 2017 15:52

Hovmester: You just proved my point 😂😂I sure hope you're fluent in french.

(mann 26 år fra Oslo) on. 22 mars 2017 18:54 Privat melding

I don't think that girls thinking is that pure and peacful
I think they are like men
Maybe its simple
They did not like me
I always try to write best message possible
I make effurt more than it should be
Im not writing an essay fod exam or thedis where i should study every word
That what im doing now
I stay an houre writing a message and i try to abserve as much as possible from her profile but in the fnd she dont reply one word as preciation to the effort i made
I know that i have problem with english but still
Not an excuse
As i saix before
All girls in the world have certain standerts and norwiegian girls have high standerts because they are one of the most beautiful girls in europ so they are expensive (i mean it in the good way don't miss understand me)

Skjult ID med pseudonym Coma on. 22 mars 2017 19:20

From my point of view:
I do not want a relationship with someone born outside of Scandinavia. I have been in a relationship with a man from the USA, it was to "demanding" in the long run. Cultural differences, language barriere....a lot got "lost in translation". I want someone with the same references from the childhood as myself (TV-show's, candy, food, sports, cartoons etc.).
This is my personal feedback, other women might (hopefully) not agree. Wishing you the best of luck in finding a partner 🙂

Skjult ID med pseudonym klodrik on. 22 mars 2017 19:28

Hey Hamza, just give it a few years. You're still young.

(mann 26 år fra Oslo) on. 22 mars 2017 19:28 Privat melding

Your point of view is logical
I think you are right
Have same chilhood help so much