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Chutulu awaken!

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Skjult ID med pseudonym Chutlu lø. 25 mars 08:54

He sleeps under black seas waiting
Lies dreaming in death
He sleeps under cosmos shaking
Stars granting his breath

He wakes as the world dies screaming
All horrors arrive
He wakes giving earth its bleeding
Pure madness alive

And He haunts you
And He blinds your soul
And He loathes you
And reclaims it all

You turn to stone
Can't look away
You turn to stone
Madness, they say

Cthulhu awaken

He sways in abyss returning
Inhaling black skies
He shakes with a torture burning
All lost in his eyes

Skjult ID med pseudonym Chutlu lø. 25 mars 08:57


Skjult ID med pseudonym my lø. 25 mars 09:03

Den kan jeg tegne til. Takk!