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What importance are you giving to pictures?

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Skjult ID med pseudonym Randomgirl sø. 24 juni 2018 12:20

Hey! I'll do this thread in English as it is more confortable for me.

I've always been a bit picky. Seems above the physical criteria, I'm probably discarding profiles too quickly based on badly taken photographs (yeah, most of the guys really don't know how to chose their pictures :D).
The matchtall is also important of course, but sometimes I just can't get passed the pictures.
There are so many people, so I discard too quickly. I feel like my way of doing things is probably making me passing by someone great.

So I just wanted to know, what's your way of doing things? How much importance do you put into the pictures?

PS (yes, can't help it, here are my thoughts about pictures. This is a personal opinion of course):
- There are a LOT of profiles, so you'll need to find a way to get noticed among many others.
- Maybe you think acting broody is a chicks magnet, but at least IMO, I want to see your smile!
- Depending on what you're looking for, but if you're looking for something serious, the selfie of your abs is not going to suffice :D
- Stop with the bad selfies! Half of the face, big zoom in... Don't hesitate to ask somebody else to take the pictures :)
- Eventhough it is not always easy, remember you can ask your friends for opinions on your pictures ;)
- Your can convey a lot in pictures! Don't hesitate to show who you are!

Skjult ID med pseudonym Man Anonim sø. 24 juni 2018 12:32

So... basically Get a photoshoot with a photographer cause you need an Instagram living doll in you collection of nice pictures?

Maybe you could ask a model agency, should be some male models there wanting a selfie or two with you
Go ahead 👍🏻

Skjult ID med pseudonym Man Anonim sø. 24 juni 2018 12:34

My only importance is if the face is Good looking, I make my dates smile so no worries there.

Skjult ID med pseudonym ZeZe sø. 24 juni 2018 12:39

Bildene har noe å si, men ikke alt. Men man må jo ha noe å gå etter, man bør jo føle en viss tiltrekning og like utseende. Jeg har vært på en god del dater, og jeg må si at jeg har blitt mer positivt overrasket enn noe annet. Mye flottere i virkeligheten!! Er ikke alle som er så fotogene, eller legger hele sjela si i selfies. En mann var så flott, og så ulik profilbildene sine, at jeg måtte ta meg kraftig sammen for å ikke måpe eller si noe om det 🙊😂😂 haha....

Skjult ID med pseudonym Randomgirl sø. 24 juni 2018 12:41

Yes, probably too picky. I'm not that picky IRL, and I've been attracted to guys with great personality and charisma that I would just pass by if it was online. I think I'm expecting to see that directly through pictures.

I've come to think that it's a way of giving myself excuses not to make a move or to go on a date just because I'm scared^^

Skjult ID med pseudonym Man Anonim sø. 24 juni 2018 12:45

Then consider it if you want a relationship or not. And if your up for it. Prince charming are not waiting in line anywhere, get comfortable about meeting new people. Check out the terrain, you won’t die from a date, it’s not like your marrying the guy at first meeting.

Skjult ID med pseudonym Leiplei sø. 24 juni 2018 12:47

Hvis fyren ikke er i stand til å ta en normal selfie og har fylt opp profilen med blurry pics så tenker jeg at han er mindre intelligent og har noe han ønsker å skjule...

(mann 38 år fra Rogaland) sø. 24 juni 2018 13:10 Privat melding

I'm not photogenic so I fail on this dating / social media shit.
I'm lucky if i get 2-3 good pictures of myselfe a whole year.

It's what happens on the outside, face to face that count's.

Skjult ID med pseudonym Leiplei sø. 24 juni 2018 13:14

@deshi2 men profilbildet ditt er helt normalt.. Ikke noe negativt der. Det er overraskende hvor mange som ikke klarer å ta en selfie. Tåkefyrster er bare irriterende..

Skjult ID med pseudonym Randomgirl sø. 24 juni 2018 13:14

@Man Anonim
I'm definitely not attracted by "intagram fake", apologies if that's what I conveyed.
I'm just thinking that it's so hard to get so many choices and be amongst so many. I'm trying to see how to notice the great guys who'll make me smile as you're mentioning. But I guess I just have to go on dates and find out ;)

(mann 38 år fra Rogaland) sø. 24 juni 2018 13:26 Privat melding


Attention can happen outside the Matrix (sukker) also !! ;)

(mann 40 år fra Vestfold) sø. 24 juni 2018 13:33 Privat melding

I feel that photos tell a lot, particularly about a person's tastes and interests. How well they are taken is however not something I'm particularly hung up about.

(kvinne 43 år fra Oslo) sø. 24 juni 2018 13:40 Privat melding

Agreeing with @Leiplei, and @randomgirls thoughts on the many sloppy, strange, and quite often "scary", or just offputting male profilepictures.

Why they chose just those pictures, is a often a really good question..
Like, "what was he thinkin'", or was he thinkin' at all... and/or are the pics really representative for how he wants to (or thinks he) comes across, that is.

It could also be a possibly, reasonable, fair, and maybe also sometimes (hopefully and preferably!?) maybe a fun question/(icebreaker?), to actually ask the possible "guy in question", or "questionable guy" , directly in a potential chat, to give you some more clearance/insight, and peace of mind...or not.😅
At least it could be a way to test/see how he handles it, to be put on the "spot" like that, i.e showing sence of self distanse, self-irony, self-confidence and so on, and if he's a guy that will meet you halfway, or not..)

Sometimes, or maybe most of the time the choice of profile pictures diclose valid information, directly or indirectly, about the profile owner. If it's hard to understand, or like/agree with, the choice of pictures, and/or profiletext, I think there's a good reason to be sceptical about actually seeing eye to eye on more stuff, or matching in other ways.
Sometimes the "scared" feeling is quite legitime, and "correct", that is.

But when in doubt, maybe try (more often?) try to give it/the guy a chance, benefit of the doubt, and maybe also ask for some other/diffetent pics, like Zeps, suggested.

(kvinne 43 år fra Oslo) sø. 24 juni 2018 13:54 Privat melding

(Sorry for all the "sloppy" typos...😜 -Guess It could be I'm somewhat of a sloppy person, too.. who knows..! 😅😉😇)

(mann 40 år fra Vestfold) sø. 24 juni 2018 14:01 Privat melding

I think that being sloppy is forgiven if it isn't ones mother tongue. You weren't that sloppy, and besides, there are many native English speakers who are MUCH MUCH worse. Also, my Norwegian is far from perfect.

(mann 48 år fra Vestfold) sø. 24 juni 2018 14:15 Privat melding

Nobody is perfect

Just dive into it

(kvinne 43 år fra Oslo) sø. 24 juni 2018 14:31 Privat melding

Well, thankyou very much, @Daithi! 🤗 It is kind of you to say so🙇‍♀️😄

English is most definately not my mother tongue😄, and I find that when I do (need/get to) practice my english, it (more and more often) takes me by surprise, embarrasement, and sometimes also "shock", and/or plain or humorous disbelief, how rusty and challenging it actually feels. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♀️

It is always a great reminder though, to really start reading more books/texts in English, and also maybe a littlebit more often try to "find" people/situations to engage in conversation, and get to practice my rusty and somewhat sloppy english with. ????👥👤👍😊

I don't know for how long you've lived in this country, but your Norwegian, and understanding of it, is really good, (and far better than my English), from what I've seen👍🤓👏👏
Quite impressive actually.(somewhat depending on how long you've practised of course😄-Maybe you've been here like "forever", you know🙃)

(mann 40 år fra Vestfold) sø. 24 juni 2018 14:44 Privat melding

Ahh well, sure I've lived here for 3 1/2 years (not contiguously however). I lived here from late 2002 to early 2005, then mid-2017 until now. For the intervening years from 2005 to 2017 I did do my best to keep my Norwegian alive through periodically chatting with friends on the internet, reading Norwegian news on NRK, reading books in Norwegian (e.g. Heimskringla), watching Norwegian TV on NRK etc. Keeping the language alive helps. I was good at French in school, but I never used either it or Irish once I finished school, so they are sadly relegated to forgotten memories. We also often have the conundrum of locals wanting to practice their English on foreigners, while the foreigners want to practice their Norwegian. You can't win I guess.

(kvinne 43 år fra Oslo) sø. 24 juni 2018 15:04 Privat melding

Well...I see that there could be a conflict of interest, in that sense, @Daithi. 😄
A possible solution,I guess could be; both the foreigner and the native, speak their respective foreign language, to(with?) eachother.
And when needed/wanted, "correct", or give input, on the other persons mistakes or "not quite so good language" maybe, in their native language? 🤓😄

But I guess your right, and that it most often becomes a case of either, or...when it comes down to it. 😏

I'ld say 3 1/2 years definatly qualifies for impressive, then btw👍😎 well done!

(kvinne 43 år fra Oslo) sø. 24 juni 2018 15:06 Privat melding

You're* right, of course 😅

Skjult ID med pseudonym Coma sø. 24 juni 2018 15:07

Vi vil alle ha noen som vi anser å være like pene som oss selv, eller helst litt penere. Det er bare å protestere i vei, men dette ligger programmert i oss fra naturen sin side. Utallige referanser fra forskning på området finnes med et kjapt Google-søk.
I vår tidsalder kan status og penger kompensere for et dårlig utseende, men jeg snakker om den store røkla her inne som jeg selv er en del av 😄

Selvsagt legger jeg vekt på bilder! Har aldri møtt noen som har vært så sjarmerende at det har kompensert for dårlig tannstilling, klovnekrans på hode og ingen hake, for å si det sånn.
Jeg MÅ finne vedkommende fysisk tiltrekkende og på bildene som er her inne ser man jo til en viss grad hvordan ståa er iallefall.

Mulig det kalles å være kresen, men når kroppen skriker "Neeeiii...for guds skyld ikke TA på meg!!", så lytter jeg til det gitt. Den biten kan ingen avgjøre for meg, heldigvis.

På den annen siden (som ts også nevner), bilder som signaliserer noe jeg anser for no go , ekskluderer noen jeg isolert sett kunne ha sett på som "kjekk mann". Dette er bilder som viser dårlig dømmekraft og bilder som er "harry" (bilder av barna, utallige flexebilder, piercinger, tatoveringer i hytt og pine, gullsmykker osv osv).

(kvinne 49 år fra Akershus) sø. 24 juni 2018 20:17 Privat melding

Dempende effekt faktisk. Fnis

Skjult ID med pseudonym Man Anonim sø. 24 juni 2018 21:00

Ah I see, just a little rant? :)
Well I wish you all the best with the dates, chat is chat. Actions speak louder

Skjult ID med pseudonym Sommeren ma. 25 juni 2018 22:31

Hva er greia med at menn over 50 har brillene på hodet når de tar selfie? Det ser spesielt corny ut når man er skalla.

Skjult ID med pseudonym Hønemor ma. 25 juni 2018 22:36

For å vise øya sine bedre frem til deg. Og de ikke har hurpesnor i brillene

(mann 48 år fra Oslo) ma. 25 juni 2018 23:17 Privat melding

Good pictures are important, but good language is importanter.

Skjult ID med pseudonym Sommeren ma. 25 juni 2018 23:30

@ Hønemor @Kiara
He he. Ja det ligger nok en tanke bak det. Sikkert ikke helt enkelt å få til den perfekte looken med brillene på snei der oppe heller.

(mann 40 år fra Vestfold) ma. 25 juni 2018 23:31 Privat melding

Med brillene mener du sånn eller? Jeg har sett mange gjøre det med solbriller, men aldri med vanlige briller.

Skjult ID med pseudonym Supermann ma. 25 juni 2018 23:34

Ju are onn to somting MRFect. datt mani wimen feils in.
Pikktjures thatt sjows the hole boddy andf hau båunsy and snosy thei are, rili get me interesded.
Butt ofkårse gud pikktjures dossnt help a ting if thei dont sjow in conwersseisjons tatt thei are eibel to wreit good sentenses.

Skjult ID med pseudonym Supermann ma. 25 juni 2018 23:35

*️ andf =and

Skjult ID med pseudonym bobb ti. 26 juni 2018 00:04

"Hurpesnor". Lol.