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Happy Valentine

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(kvinne 53 år fra Buskerud) to. 14 feb. 13:19 Privat melding

" Do you want to know the difference between love and possession? Well stay tuned as we try to break it down. Contrary to popula belief: - Tru love is not blind, it has 20/20 vision, and a loving relationship is not 50/50 either, it is 100/100 a total commitment. It's not a trade or a balancing act, it is all chips on the table, your whole heart and that's that.

Do not fall into the trappings.
Love says:" I want you to be happy". Possession says: " I want you to make me happy". Cause possession is actually the opposite of love. It's other name is ADDICTION.

Love has an alias too, it goes by understanding and commitment. See, while possession says "me", Love says "we".

Possession is a cage, love is the sea. Possession wants to control, love wants to free. Possession wants to become, love wants to be. Possession keeps receipts to remember it's good deeds, love does not keep score but remembers we are on the same team.

Possessions hardens the heart, love softens it. Possessions picks flower out of the ground, but love waters it. Possession wants to hide, love is voulnerable and exposed. Possession sees the body, love sees the soul.

Love trusts the process, possession controls the direction. Possession wants to win the argument, love desires to win connection.

Possession is filled with darkness, love with sunlight. Possession says: " Who's right?", love says "-What's right?"

Love is not sweaty palms or pounding heart. No it's more of a calm explosion. Possession destroys those who touch it, love heals all who hold it.

Possession is counterfeit, love is the only truth. Possession fades away. Love is forever because it is absolute.

But look, nothing is perfect. Even love needs to be fed. A daily dose of forgiveness, understanding, not just those empty words said ( "I love you").

So are we willing to preserve through tough times?
And choose LOVE every singel day?
Are you willing to fix things that are broken?
Not just throw them away?

Respect the word LOVE and say it only to those you truly do."

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