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Skjult ID med pseudonym LEEEEER ma. 31 mai 2010 18:06

hvis du leser kommentarene nedover siden vil du finne denne :

That’s nothing, apparently in Brazil they do it up the butt to stay virgins. Which is a pretty weird definition of virginity IMO.

Skjult ID med pseudonym LEEEEER ma. 31 mai 2010 18:08

Hell, even in Canada they do that. My boss apparently lost his virginity doing anal because the girl thought it’d keep her a virgin

Why do you talk with your boss about anal?

Skjult ID med pseudonym LEEEEER ma. 31 mai 2010 18:21

Friends are like underwear, they're always here. Good friends are like condoms, they protect you. Best friends are like viagra, they get you up when you fall :)

og svaret:

And bad friends are like my cum. Sometimes they get in your face. Sometimes they won't get out of your hair. And sometimes they're all up in your ass! :)

Skjult ID med pseudonym LEEEEER ma. 31 mai 2010 18:57

Om amerika:

Yes paz, because Europe hasn’t gotten itself into two of the most idiotic destructive conflicts in human history within 20 years of each other. They’re totally smart. They put a man on the moon, invented powered flight, the lightbulb, the telephone, the assembly line, the first affordable car, pioneered computer science, started commercial flight, introduced cinema to the world…etc. all within 200 years.

Yea, Europe did ALL of that.

Oh Wait…

Well, although, I don’t want to join ‘the yanks are stupid’ brigade, I would like to add a few facts here, re your comment about ‘American’ inventions… Every invention you mentioned has in fact not one, but several developers. Telephone: Manzetti and Meucci were Italian, Johann Philipp Reis was German, A. G. Bell was English, and yes, Elisha Grey and Edison were American. Computer: John Neumann mathematician, who contributed to the developement of the binary code, was a Hungarian refugee in the US, Alan Turing, who is “widely regarded to be the father of modern computer science”, was English, Konrad Zuse, who “built the first working computer” was German, and finally, George Stibitz, who “is the father of the modern digital computer”, was American. As for motion picture…have you ever heard about the Lumiére brothers? I could go on…
Just stick to the facts….

Skjult ID med pseudonym LEEEEER ma. 31 mai 2010 19:03

Not all Americans are ignorant. You are ignorant for classing all Americans into the same category of illiterate morons. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but I was taught that Europe is indeed a CONTINENT made up of numerous COUNTRIES where many different languages are spoken. See, not all Americans are imbeciles!


He didn’t say ALL Americans are idiots: his point was that nobody does dumb like you guys do, after all, your stupidity is State-sponsored, e.g. Creationism in public schools. But speaking of arguments that prove the existence of your moron majority,
Bush Sr. – once;
Bush Jr. – twice;
Governor Of California = “Da Terminator”;
And let’s not forget that Reagan was a dumb**s Republican ACTOR too…

Skjult ID med pseudonym PartyPoop ma. 31 mai 2010 19:13


kan du være så snill og slutte nå, før du har copy+pastet hele internett inn i denne tråden?

På forhånd takk,

Skjult ID med pseudonym LEEEEER ma. 31 mai 2010 19:30

Stop pooping at my party :D

Skjult ID med pseudonym LEEEEER ma. 31 mai 2010 21:28

paper doesn’t grow on three either…….. og videre nedover