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(mann 45 år fra Oslo) ti. 7 sep. 2010 12:42 Privat melding

Denne var så bra at jeg bare måtte legge den ut.

* Mr. Whiner: This guy whines about everything and he wants a lot of sympathy, but he
doesn't care for advice. If you give him advice, he's already got 101 reasons why it won't
work. He doesn't want to do anything to fix his problems... he just wants someone else to
wave a magic wand and fix them. As an example, a lot of Mr. Whiner's will whine, "It's
just too hard to get a date! I can't meet anyone anywhere! No, I don't want to use a
dating service because I don't want to pay. Anyway, my best friend's cousin's sister's
step-son's next door neighbor once used a dating service and he didn't meet anyone
worthwhile, so I KNOW it's a waste of money. No, I won't do speed-dating because you
have to pay to do that, too. No, I don't want to go out to clubs. I don't like drinking or
dancing. All women want men who are totally rich or totally hot, and they're so picky. I
don't want to date anyone my age because they're too immature. I don't want to date
anyone older because they have too much baggage. No I don't want to join a hobby
group because I don't like people in hobby groups -- they're boring. No, I won't date
anyone at work because I have a rule against dating co-workers. No, I won't go to church
singles groups because I hate religious people. I don't want my friends setting me up
because I hate blind dates. Why can't I find a woooooomaaaaaaaan! Waaaaa! Nothing
works for me. There are absolutely no single women in my area anyway!! Well, unless
you count the fat chicks and I deserve better than some fat chick. Besides, it's hard to
walk up to a woman to talk to her. She'll just shoot me down anyway and everyone will
laugh and point at me. Waaaaa." The reason this guy is single is because he thinks he
can get a woman to want him out of pity. But trust me, women aren't turned on by this
whining. To all you Mr. Whiner's out there: You obviously get some kind of pay-off for all
the whining and excuses, and I don't think you really want a date. If you wanted a date,
you'd go after it instead of making excuses. You're like that fat chick you refuse to date:
In most cases, the person is overweight because they are too busy making excuses
about why no diet will ever work, rather than going out there and trying the diets to see if
they'll work. And you're dating search isn't working because you are too busy making
excuses about why it'll never work, rather than going out and trying.

Skjult ID med pseudonym frk.singel ti. 7 sep. 2010 12:49

Veldig bra :-) :-)

Skjult ID med pseudonym rotte ti. 7 sep. 2010 13:09

Rotte bah.