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Skjult ID med pseudonym ma. 13 sep. 2010 23:34

Not only is it pretty much a rip-off money-wise, but my biggest gripe is that Zoosk violates personal privacy (at least the facebook app).

I have not read through the fine print in the initial agreement when you sign up, but the privacy violation includes the following:

1) Impersonating you

2) Sending unsolicited emails on your behalf

3) Still using your profile when you have already removed their app

4) Targeting your facebook friends with emails saying you "suggest" they should use Zoosk because you are "so happy" with it. Most of my friends that received such emails unbeknownst to me were married and seriously wondered why I would think they would like the dating service!

5) The fact that they are sending emails to my facebook friends indicates that they steal the contact information to reach your friends and keep it even if you remove their app. I uninstalled the app about half a year ago. About a week ago, all of a sudden I am contacted by about a dozen of my friends wondering why I would think they would love Zoosk!

6) It is probably through shady practices like this that they are doing so "well" financially:
I highly doubt that 40,000,000 people signed up. I know some friends that believe an IQ test they took on facebook installed the Zoosk app. Once that happens, you don't even have to be aware of the fact that they have full access to your information and can spam your friends as they please.

7) If you have installed Zoosk on Facebook, when you finally figure out what is going on, it is almost impossible to get rid of it. One friend of mine in trying to not allow Zoosk access found out that it had then installed itself. The only solution that I think works is to block it altogether. Go to the Zoosk page (just do a search in facebook) and on the left hand side is a link to block it.

Skjult ID med pseudonym ma. 13 sep. 2010 23:34

ZOOSK IS A SCAM! I get girls winking at me and so I paid to be a member so I could message them. No replies. I got a friend to join and she wa UNABLE TO REPLY UNLESS SHE PAID! I paid and no one can reply unless they pay.

ALSO I paid for 1 month at a very hight rate on my phone. After I paid my phone flashed up (about 1/2 a second) a bunch of stuff but I glimpsed something about automatic renewal. I emaild support and said that is not what I want and they just said "read our terms". I had to then log in via a PC to read the terms and to see that I need to cancel my account manually. That was the only responce from support despite 4 other emails.


Skjult ID med pseudonym ma. 13 sep. 2010 23:35

what a scam! apart from what tge last half a dozzen people said ive been scammed outa $110 i subscribed at $39 a month using credit card n the money would come out of my acc but still no subscription! ive emailed them, no response SUPRISE SUPRISE! moungrel dogs! BE WARNED PEOPLE!

Skjult ID med pseudonym ma. 13 sep. 2010 23:37