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Hey. Seeking out my magician :)

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(mann 43 år fra Vest-Agder) ti. 21 sep. 2010 12:52 Privat melding

For moro skyld planter jeg et interessant konsept som fungerer noe etter samme prinsipp som sukker matchingen.
Men som med sukker så er jo denne også etter skjønn. Man kan umulig lese nok ut ifra simple detaljer. Men man kan selvsagt få en indikasjon.
Sjekk ut og se hva du selv ender opp som. King/queen, warrior, magician or the lover.

I am King. And I seek out my magician.
Er du noe av dette tro:

The magician will inspire me with confidence and delight
She is creative, adventurous and energetic.
People are naturally drawn to her spirit and confidence
She inspires awe with her magical ability to multitask and exercise “street smarts”
Not only does she dream big, she can actually make those dreams happen, simply because she is a natural at making things happen that would seem impossible to others.


Skjult ID med pseudonym Dragefrukt ti. 21 sep. 2010 14:22

Cool. Jeg ble en magiker. Vet ikke om jeg er helt enig i alt, men en del av det stemte.

Abracadabra—You are predominately a Magician!

You also possess aspects of the Warrior, King/Queen, and Lover personalities and your complete personality profile can be described as 46.2% Magician, 23.1% Warrior, 23.1% King/Queen, and 7.7% Lover.*


* Confident
* Spontaneous
* Dynamic


* Unpredictable
* Uncaring
* Foolhardy


Jim Carrey, Angelina Jolie, Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarznegger, Anna-Nicole Smith, Stephen Colbert, Martin Luther King, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Margaret Cho, Mark Anthony, Bruce Lee, Samantha (Sex and the City)

Skjult ID med pseudonym skuffa!! ti. 21 sep. 2010 14:55

Jeg er en LOVER Med sterk dronning..

With a gift for art and mystery, Lovers share a deeper meaning and vision of the world



Creative, intuitive, and deeply caring, your mind and spirit are open and capable of expressing deep meaning in the world. You represent the artists and nurturers of society—the romantics, the insightful poets and writers, the musicians and painters, the fools who make us laugh with joy—and your gifts of art and mystery resonate powerfully.

While nurturing like a King and Queen, and artistic like a Magician, you sometimes lack the ability to speak up and stand your ground, and have a tendency to be passive and introverted.

Location on the cognitive-emotional spectrum
In the top right quadrant of the spectrum, your personality reflects your strong emotional sense of well-being. Your style of thinking tends to be more right-brained—creative, intuitive, holistic, and spontaneous.


Skjult ID med pseudonym kit ti. 21 sep. 2010 15:02

All hail—You are predominately a King or Queen!

You also possess aspects of the Lover, Warrior, and Magician personalities.

Like the greatest rulers in history, Kings and Queens bring people together with knowledge and nurturing



(kvinne 38 år fra Oslo) ti. 21 sep. 2010 15:12 Privat melding

Warrior seeking a lover..... (skulle jo tro jeg var mann!)

Hello Spartacus—You are predominately a Warrior!

A force of nature, Warriors have the power and confidence to conquer any task.

Confident, competitive, and analytical, you are a fierce and steady protector of your friends, family, and all things you hold dear. You're extremely ambitious, targeted, and determined—almost to a fault of being self-centered—and are an undeniable force of industriousness.

While you're logical, orderly, and respect the rules like the King and Queen, you're much more assertive and always ready to dive into action or conflict. Because you prefer to be somewhat isolated, you tend to have few very good friends, but these friends definitely count on you whenever there's a task to be done with precision.

Kjenner meg litt igjen ja.... ;)

Skjult ID med pseudonym Tingeling ti. 21 sep. 2010 16:13

What a blend!
Your personality is dominated by two related KWML temperaments.
Your complete personality profile can be described as 38.5% King/Queen, 38.5% Lover, 15.4% Warrior, and 7.7% Magician.

Øøøh...en Dronning full av kjærlighet da, eller?

Skjult ID med pseudonym kit ti. 21 sep. 2010 16:36

Dronninga AV kjærlighet, dumma ;P

Skjult ID med pseudonym Tingeling ti. 21 sep. 2010 16:43


Skjult ID med pseudonym skuffa!! ti. 21 sep. 2010 16:45

sååååå.. er det noen "krigere" her?:) Siden elskere er litt late, blir det enklest om de bare viser seg her...;)

Skjult ID med pseudonym Dragefrukt ti. 21 sep. 2010 23:13

Det er jo bare å oppgi en fake en.