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Dress code?

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(mann 40 år fra Oslo) lø. 25 sep. 14:02 Privat melding

Hi everyone,

Who's going to sukkerfest tonight? Do you know the dress code? Will all the boys be wearing their suits?

If i dont hear back, i'll be the one in jeans and T-shirt:)

See you later!!!

Skjult ID med pseudonym Binders lø. 25 sep. 14:19

T-shirt and jeans is just fine. :)

(mann 43 år fra Oslo) lø. 25 sep. 14:19 Privat melding

In a previous discussion you will then be dressed to the womens taste.

(mann 28 år fra Oslo) lø. 25 sep. 16:06 Privat melding

Suit up!