Jeg hørte denne historien og at det her er sånt jenter liker. Hva sier dere, jentene på sukker?

"You know, I have this other friend, Rod, isn't it funny how I can have so many friends named Rod?

At any rate, he owns this dingy little steakhouse on the other side of town, called "Rod's Meat." Anyways I was talking to his wife the other day over some drinks and she is kind of the manager of the place. But she was telling me how terrible her job routine, so boring. Everyweek she counts the money, writes the paychecks to the employees and supervises the food shipments. Well, she was saying that her job was getting so boring, that she couldn't take it anymore.

Well, she got some relief one week when the meat shipment came in, and it was bigger than usual, and she couldn't get it the same way she had been. She had to totally change the process, and she told me, "Sometimes you have to BREAK ROUTINE, and DO IT DIFFERENTLY." She said that she had to get the meat in the backdoor, where she had never gotten it before, and you know it's funny, but that little break with routine, something as simple as when you GET THE MEAT IN THE BACKDOOR, can make you FEEL SO GOOD."