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Prince Charming:)

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Skjult ID ti. 1 feb. 2011 00:38

Ja, jeg mener det... Hvor er prince charming? :)

Skjult ID med pseudonym Nushi ti. 1 feb. 2011 00:43

Jeg er jo her! :-)

Skjult ID med pseudonym RIP - P C ti. 1 feb. 2011 00:49

In the run-up to the war against the Empire, Charming resigned as Mayor, returning the job to King Cole, in order to focus on the war effort. During the War and Pieces storyline, he held the position of Combat Commander on the skyship Glory of Baghdad built by the Arabian Fables and commanded by Sinbad, running the offensive and defensive operations of the ship during the war and the Glory's mission to bomb the gates connecting the Imperial homeworld to the rest of the Empire. After the Glory's destruction, Charming, despite serious injuries, dragged a bomb by foot to the last remaining gate, with Sinbad accompanying him to defend against hostile forces. Arriving at their destination against considerable opposition, Charming dragged the bomb into the gatesite, stating that he would set the longest fuse possible to give himself the best opportunity to get clear of the blast.

What subsequently happened next was not depicted, but according to Sinbad, Charming failed to emerge before the bomb detonated. His body is never shown, and a coffin containing his uniform, medals and some personal effects was buried at the Farm cemetery in absentia. A statue of Charming in Fabletown is dedicated to his memory.

Theories both on and off the page speculate that he gives off powerful/magic pheromones, which are responsible for his strong ability to seduce nearly any woman he wishes. According to the answers given in the Burning Questions issue, Prince Charming had no less than 1,412 romantic conquests by the age of fifteen.[1] He stated that he is able to win any courtship, be it that of a single woman, or a political election. Very popular fables are difficult to kill, so its unknown if Prince Charming will somehow be resurrected or be replaced.

Skjult ID med pseudonym MrAwesome ti. 1 feb. 2011 01:02

Oppsummering: Prince Charming døde av aids.