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fixing practical problems

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(kvinne 27 år fra Akershus) to. 17 feb. 2011 14:10 Privat melding

Today the little light on my mac charger went off when i was trying to charge it, and i thought 'oh crap, i broke something....AGAIN!' but then i thought, maybe its the electricity, so i tried switching on the light, and it worked....and so to check if it actually was my charger i tried my phone charger, and that didnt work either.....but the i had this big lightbulb moment!! SWITCH BOX! I don't think i have ever opened one in my life, but i obviously know what it is, so i found it(i didnt even really know where it was) and problem fixed!

MY POINT: I'm incredibly impractical when it comes to things like this, I've never HAD to do those kinds of things because im a woman and i don't mind asking for help*or directions for that matter). obviously I CAN if i WANT to, but i like a man who can be practical. of course, finding the switch box and switching on a switch is a really small thing, but you know, solving practical problems. I dont feel any less independent or helpless for it.

(mann 44 år fra Akershus) to. 17 feb. 2011 14:14 Privat melding

Good on you :) I'm the same way - I like being asked to do stuff like that, even if they some times make me chuckle. I *do* reserve the rights to ask for directions myself, though, and you can usually find me hogging one of the staff if I'm out shopping and don't know where *everything* is :)

(mann 38 år fra Oslo) fr. 18 feb. 2011 10:11 Privat melding

you should also praise your luck that you have a newer power switch box with on and off buttons, rather than the older type where you have to actually change the fuse yourself! ;)

that can be a bit of a hassle with finding the proper fuse (amps and such) and then changing the old with the new and so forth..

but still, good on ya for doing some problem solving and being independent! ;)

(mann 44 år fra Akershus) fr. 18 feb. 2011 12:26 Privat melding

@rasec: or the one pretty common in Australia - where you change *the wire*. The last house I lived in, I had to wade through some brush filled with spiders larges than my fist, hoping it was true what the neighbor said about them not attacking people, but that they killed snakes - so they were a good thing. No spider or snake bites, and didn't want to stick my hand into what I renamed to "suicide box" I called an electrician...