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searching for a little bit of truth....

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(kvinne 27 år fra Akershus) lø. 19 feb. 2011 19:34 Privat melding

Sometimes i wonder if people are here just out of boredom and resignation in life.... in their profiles people are always writing how happy, social, active, etc they are....but from the discussions here i get a completely different impression.....

(mann 39 år fra Vestfold) lø. 19 feb. 2011 20:20 Privat melding

We're all a mess. Hoping to be somewhat happier than the others we see hanging around this place, pretending to be filled with hopes we really don't have.
(Writing on behalf of everyone but myself)

I look up at the birds flying overhead
My sentinel's true but the signals dead
It's been 500 days of hope and sorrow
500 nights with no tomorrow
And the poetry and the best of me
And the heart and the spirit and the sex of me
All fell into the azure sea
In the tailspin with the last of me
And my wings, and my song, all that I knew is dead and gone
I'm weak and tired but my will is strong
And my hope lives on, my hope lives on

But sometimes
Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I wonder
Why we're always coming down
Why we need to touch the ground
Why I didn't keep on heading
Right on up to heaven
I miss my sky

(kvinne 27 år fra Akershus) lø. 19 feb. 2011 20:31 Privat melding


so in other words, jaded romantics?

Skjult ID med pseudonym pgmp lø. 19 feb. 2011 21:06

Keep in mind those writing here are the leftovers. We were flying on a dream. Maybe the romantic kind. Then at some point a call from earth made us create a profile in the sukkersky. All of a sudden reality struck - we have no chance to make the dream come true.
So when you read the profile of someone complaining here, and you read they're living a happy life by alone, you may guess they've just forgot about updating the profile after they realized those facts.

When you see the profile of someone not participating in the forum, there might be some truth to the happy profiles though.

(Still writing on behalf of everyone but myself)