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English - Good or bad

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(mann 36 år fra Akershus) ma. 30 jan. 2012 13:42 Privat melding

So, i'm using sukkar, and it looks like there are a lot of girls out there looking for a person the would fit my profile.
The problem is that i don't speak Norwegian yet.
I was wondering from 1 - 10 how much is that a big deal?

(kvinne 37 år fra Oslo) ma. 30 jan. 2012 13:45 Privat melding

I dont think they would mind getting better at their english ;) So just relaxe, it`s more for the older generation you need to learn our language... But up to atleast 50-60 years of age, most norwegians can speak well english :)

Skjult ID med pseudonym sta ma. 30 jan. 2012 14:05

I wouldn't know about the ladies, but I wouldnt mind a girl speaking english at all. I find it rather sexy :)
I would think it's quite a turn on, and so much more fun with english than norwegian in terms of fun with the language, double meanings etc :)

I'd say most understand english pretty well up to around 40 ( som older ofc ), but how well they speak tend to vary quite a bit :) I wouldn't think its a big problem for most around your age though :)

And good luck finding a cute sugarcube ;)
You shouldn't have that big of a problem though, as you look quite sharp if you dont mind me saying :)

Where are you from btw?

Skjult ID med pseudonym m27 ma. 30 jan. 2012 14:15

A lot of girls write that they prefer men who 'tør å drite seg ut' and 'ikke tar seg self høytidelig' so if that's really what they prefer, they wouldn't mind a grammatical error here or there. I'm not Norwegian either but I know enough to write a decent message and thusfar I haven't noticed that there were girls who were turned off by my mistakes. (of those who actually reply that is :P)

So, kjør på! If you plan to stay here i Norway, I would recommend you learning the language eventually. As Kvinne81 said it's not because they wouldn't understand you but, like everywhere else, people like it when you make the effort and it breaks boundaries in your social/business life. People tend to be more open when they can speak their own language.

(mann 36 år fra Akershus) ma. 30 jan. 2012 14:17 Privat melding

I'm from Israel which is a whole other issue, I thinks some Norwegians have some prejudice feelings about Israelis from what they see and hear on the news, which of course does not represent Israelis and especially not me. But try to explain it to a girl on a 5 min chat... :-/

Skjult ID med pseudonym m27 ma. 30 jan. 2012 14:23

But are they girls you would want anyway?

(kvinne 37 år fra Oslo) ma. 30 jan. 2012 14:30 Privat melding

hi5 m27 !

(mann 36 år fra Akershus) ma. 30 jan. 2012 14:33 Privat melding

good point! :-D

Skjult ID med pseudonym Anon ma. 30 jan. 2012 14:41

Whoa... you kinda look like my ex-boyfriend. I'm sure that means nothing to you, but I just had to say it. :)

Anyway. English is practically a second language in Norway, so if you speak it as well as the average Norwegian, you should be fine. Regarding potential prejudice, I wouldn't worry about that if I were you. If someone has a problem with your background before they even get to know you, they're probably not what you're looking for anyway?

Good luck to you!

Skjult ID med pseudonym m27 ma. 30 jan. 2012 14:45

@Kvinne81: Right back atcha!
@oranbk: I have my moments, you know. And i'ts a leap year, so it may occur again, beware. ;)

(mann 47 år fra Oslo) ma. 30 jan. 2012 15:03 Privat melding

I honestly do not think it is a problem at all. And the fact that you are honest about it should count in your favour. Most people in here are getting fed up with people writing in their profile that their mother tounge is Norwegian and using google translate for the entire text (and messages).

(kvinne 28 år fra Møre og Romsdal) ma. 30 jan. 2012 15:26 Privat melding

Personally, I love the English language and use it frequently, so I wouldn't mind at all.

There are people out there who will find it rather challenging that you don't speak Norwegian, but for every person that finds it difficult, I'm pretty sure there's one that'll find it charming or exciting.

It's probably much the same as your nationality possibly being an issue. Some will avoid you, others may find you exotic.

I do agree with m27. If people find it daunting or intimidating, would you really want to date them anyways..? Regardless of whether it's because they're ignorant, narrowminded or judgemental... - or for completely different reasons.

Skjult ID med pseudonym fyr84 ma. 30 jan. 2012 16:35

I would find it interesting if a girl approached me in english. I'd definitly take a second look on the profile then.

My job requires me to travel a little around and I've found my self lost in translation so many times out there that a little more practice is just good for me. For example did I manage to call a female high-voltage contact in Iceland for a "shemale part". Guess if that one kept by me all the rest of the time up there. :p

Skjult ID med pseudonym arneand ma. 30 jan. 2012 16:53

Can't see that it should matter, realy.
As long as your english can't be mistaken for google translate that is ;)

Skjult ID med pseudonym Puslespill ma. 30 jan. 2012 17:08


Seriously, man - the way you look you shouldn't have any problems.

I've had a couple of girls write me in English. But the problem was the uninteresting nature of their messages. Just hi and hello and a short content-less sentence. So if I could give any advice it would be to concoct something that actually may spark some interest. When you write something funny/off-beat/different/thought-provoking it doesn't matter whether it's in English or Norwegian. If it is boring it is boring in either language.

When it comes to being Israeli - That may in some cases unfortunately be an issue of contention. An uneducated bias that doesn't deserve the light of day. I don't get it when someone meets an American or an Israeli and immediately starts blaming them for bad decisions made by their politicians. During the Bush-years many backpacking American friends of mine traveled around with Canadian flags on their backpacks, just to get a break from harassing discussions.

But you know what, whatever the hang-up. Just move on.

Good luck!

Skjult ID med pseudonym Puslespill ma. 30 jan. 2012 17:09


"shemale part"... classic blunder. Laughing my butt off.

Skjult ID med pseudonym askeladd* ma. 30 jan. 2012 18:05

@ oranbk

from my experience, I come from Bavaria / Germany, I really suggest to give it a go with Norwegian, most hearts will open for You and You 'll get to feel You have moved to the right country.
I lived in Norway for 4 months before my ears got used to Norwegian and I started to talk it.
Which was really nice, people kept commenting about my progress, which accelerated it even more....

Good luck !!
Many say Norwegian with Foreign accent is only charming :-)

Skjult ID med pseudonym MonsLarsen ma. 30 jan. 2012 18:07

It`s not the fart who kills,its the smell.

Best regards from NAF.

Skjult ID med pseudonym fyr84 ma. 30 jan. 2012 18:10

Yeah. :) They all started to call it the shemalepart while laughing for the rest of the time there.

I also try to learn local languages when I travel around since I often are at the same place for some time. That have also created a few situations. :)

In China I tried to tell the restaurant-staff at the hotel that I was going to miss them. I'd spent two months there and I had been invited home to them and they had been showing me much local stuff as a tempel sacrifist and theese chinese dancing dragoons-festival.. They did not speak english so I always brought my translator with me. But I had learned some chinese and the closest thing I knew to say in chinese was that "You've taken my heart". What I managed to say was "You've taken my money".

Skjult ID med pseudonym Hvit-ravn ma. 30 jan. 2012 18:21

LOL @fyr84
I can picture the look on their faces... trying to be polite, and not understanding why you were so rude. Suppose they just nodded smilingly "Yes-yes"

Skjult ID med pseudonym fyr84 ma. 30 jan. 2012 18:35

They knew my mandarin was bad, but they were quite suprised eitherway :p My translator fixed it for me so in the end it was alright. :)

Oh, I have so many stories from China. I'd love to go back there soon.

There was another embarrasing moment for me there. I was sitting at the dinnertable and just thinking to my self and not sensing anything around. Suddenly I realise that even though I was not looking I was stearing at one of the waitresses boobs so I jumped to and lost my mobile that I had been holding in my hand, and it took two turns in the air and flew straight into my beer. :p

Skjult ID med pseudonym wawa ma. 30 jan. 2012 18:46

I think your problem is that you're from a discracefull country that has a government hell bent on war...The Isreali people are good.

Skjult ID med pseudonym MonsLarsen ma. 30 jan. 2012 18:53


Si heller at du er fra Tyrkia,og damene klenger seg på deg med en gang:)

Skjult ID med pseudonym Puslespill ma. 30 jan. 2012 18:59

@wawa (and everyone else)

Please be careful with stigmatizing an entire country. Can we just "agree to disagree" and leave politics out of this thread.

The point is: When you move to Norway you'll want to befriend people and be appreciated for who you are as an individual, without being tagged to world politics.

Again, good luck!

(mann 52 år fra Møre og Romsdal) ma. 30 jan. 2012 19:42 Privat melding


It is very hard fore me,to not bring politics into this and i shall not do it.But i have to comment what you wrote in one of your post.

First, it is not prejudice feelings.It is feelings based on facts.And it is not some Norwegians.It is many Norwegians.

In this country we can trust what we see and hear on the news from the middle east.

Fore me it is a big insult that you call it prejudice !

Skjult ID med pseudonym m27 ma. 30 jan. 2012 20:14

@neapel: First of all, no matter where you're from, you should never TRUST the media. That's just naive. Especially with these types of things it's very important to get your news from as many different sources as possible. I find that Norwegian foreign news often comes straight from the large press agencies for example. I know that somehow 'ekt Norsk' is viewed as a quality check, but let's keep it real.

And second: one man is not his country. Period. I'm sure there are things happening here that you are not happy with. But if others keep you, and you alone responsible for it, then that's just plain dumb. Sure, people can point it out, and you can discuss/agree with them, but to not like someone just because he/she is from a certain place without knowing that persons viewpoints seems absurd to me.

Skjult ID med pseudonym banditten ma. 30 jan. 2012 20:52

@neapel - Norway has a lot of terrorists. You can see that on the news.

As for what the thread is about, being non-norwegian is a plus and adding "tall and dark skinned" to that seems to be what every woman in here is looking for.

Skjult ID med pseudonym Puslespill ma. 30 jan. 2012 20:58


First of all, you are brave to be here with a picture and all, while I choose to be anonymous. So all honor to you for that! Seriously. That makes me feel you are a good and honest person. (I have my own reasons for being anonymous)

For the record, my background is in journalism (with Norwegian media) and what goes on in the newsroom is for the most part very balanced. But I have definitely seen some ugly turns in my time. So don’t trust it 100% as “fact”

For me it’s an oxymoron (Google it) that you state you won’t comment on political issues, then you go on to do just that…

As to the word “predjudice” - is it possible that we misunderstand each other? I believe that the potential predjudice mentioned here refers to “an individual being directly linked, i.e. responsible for his government’s actions.” That’s not the way to go. I’m sure you’ll agree with that.

So to restate: When you move to Norway you'll want to be appreciated for who you are as an individual, without being automatically linked to the politics of the country in which you were born.

Skjult ID med pseudonym Paraply ma. 30 jan. 2012 21:14


The positive side: You do not have to read all the nonsense we norwegians write in here. Trust me, it is nonsense.

Skjult ID med pseudonym wawa ma. 30 jan. 2012 21:36

I said the people are good, their politicians are evil...just like USA

(mann 36 år fra Akershus) ti. 31 jan. 2012 17:41 Privat melding

By prejudice i meant exactly what m27 said; people look at the nationality and see the country instead of the man.
I'm not Israel, i'm me - yes i got my opinion but lat's leave it out.
Naples - if u took it personally it's either from 2 reasons
1. You misunderstood
2. When you read my post, you zoomed at the word "prejudice" instead of the matter in hand, which means that you decided to include yourself in that group of people - in this case, i didn't call you prejudice, you did.

Thank you to all for the support, i didn't expect it to be such a successful thread!!


(mann 33 år fra Oslo) ti. 31 jan. 2012 17:54 Privat melding

Dont learn Norwegian, its a major advantage for you to speak to English.

Most of my friends are british, Australian and english speaking and all they have to do is speak and girls walk up to them, I see it every weekend when we go out.....they get alot more attention from girls because of the simple fact that they are not norwegian.
Oh and yes, I know many Norwegian girls who view Norwegian guys as the last resort, harsh but true.

Ive used to hang out with a friend from Isreal and he could never tell anybody he was Isreali when we went out on town because it would literally turn into a dangerous situation for him, I remember a couple of situations where almost entire pubs turned against us and people got very do you experience that? ever happend?

(mann 36 år fra Akershus) on. 1 feb. 2012 18:23 Privat melding

Never happened to me yet, but i never whet out in the city center so much, more in grunerløkka and more calm areas.
Aslo i try not to flash it and not get into political conversion when i'm out.
Worked so far...

Skjult ID med pseudonym Enigma on. 1 feb. 2012 20:17

Hi, welcome to Sukker and forum, oranbk!

How long have you been here? I bet the cold winter has been quite a shock to you. Make sure you keep warm.
Like already mentioned, I don`t think it should be a big problem that you don`t speak Norwegian. But it would be a good idea if you try to learn it.
When it comes to prejudice, you see it everywhere. I met a guy in the US, and he told me he voted for the Republicans. I made a negative comment about Reagan and he asked me if I was a communist? No way!
And yes, this was back in the 80s.

I wish you good luck in your search for a girlfriend! :-)

I`m impressed! You`ve been around the world.
Making me laugh by your "money-story" :-)

Skjult ID med pseudonym blahmann on. 1 feb. 2012 20:27

JimJimJ: maybe you should move to Israel and visit some pub's there

Skjult ID med pseudonym Me on. 1 feb. 2012 23:40

I think on a site like this, many girls would easily think that you have a fake profil. When you have a good looking picture and don't speak norwegian, some would be scetical by that. Not by you. So my advice is to comment on what girs write in their profiles, at least then they see that the message is not mass-produced. And it maks it more likely that you are really you... :)

(mann 36 år fra Akershus) on. 1 feb. 2012 23:46 Privat melding

Tnx Enigma! Funny story about Reagan :-D I guess that prejudice was invented the second after they invented nationality...... no it's actually probably was invented much b4 that...

You'll be surprised how great pubs in Tel aviv are! seriously i haven't met one person who have been there and came back disappointed.

Skjult ID med pseudonym banditten on. 1 feb. 2012 23:49

Does isreali girls like chubby (pale) white guys from the cold north? If so, my next vacation is Tel Aviv :)

(mann 37 år fra Akershus) on. 1 feb. 2012 23:51 Privat melding

I dont see this as problem if you chose to speak english :)

Skjult ID med pseudonym Hu CCS to. 2 feb. 2012 03:27

Jeg må innrømme at jeg ikke kan se meg sammen med en kar som ikke snakker norsk eller date han. Fikser det rett og slett ikke. Men kan jo selvsagt finne han interessant og like han utseendemessig.

Skjult ID med pseudonym kjeks to. 2 feb. 2012 03:39

Now that can yu ike

Skjult ID med pseudonym Enigma to. 2 feb. 2012 18:44


No problem!
The story speaks for itself. As the saying goes - «Ignorance is bliss ... »

If you`re planning to stay here, in Norway i.e., on a longterm basis, I strongly recommend you to get around; see the fjords, go hiking in the mountains, see the midnight sun - it`s spectacular and beautiful. I hope you get the chance.
You seem like an outdoor kind of guy. Plenty of activities to choose. Maybe skiing.

Take care!