We are already adopted: patterns and structures to function in the society, friends, family and world relationships.

As a baby we are in these process, as a child we get strengthened, and as a adult we may have been to strengthen or rebelled because of the pressure and became to loosely in our self to fully be here and now and express our freedom. Freedom is recognizing the truth of our self.

How can anybody be free unless they are not them self ?

If we do not reveal our self to our self, we can never show our true-self to others and the world.

We will create separation and suffering, because separation cant survive, eternally.

And we will live a lie, we adopted the lie, so we will give a lie, and receive a lie, until we figure out the truth.

That's why truth can never be explained, by scientists or religion. Truth can only come true self-experience.

We can see that adoptive patterns can fool us, we fool ourselves because we agreed on them in the first place.

Then we can be humble and remember compassion for ourself and others.

What may be the biggest forgetting here is that it already exist a perfect pattern, not something we adopted, but something we can never fully lose, because it is what hold us together, holds our body mind and spirit, the universe, galaxies and planets TOGETHER. IT IS WHO WE TRULY ARE!

It is a mirror of the one consciousness that we are, and are an inseparable part of.

If you see it these way you are also fully capable of freeing your self from adopted patterns that lock you in, and block your inner freedom to shine. Recognising that we are One with the Cosmic Mind.