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The Dance of Poetry

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(mann 32 år fra Vest-Agder) lø. 23 juni 2012 14:26 Privat melding

Do you see the dance ?

Can you see how you sometimes see it, but it always sees you?

Yes, the dance is true.. And that we all knew, before we co-created the crew..

You can hide from your stepp, but the step always touch the rest, and that's how it all manifest..

Sometime I am the dancer, other times I see the dance. All the time the dance sees me, and I can see it from all three. Now, it's time for humility..

The dance is creativity, the dance gives inspiration.. The dance is you and me, the dance is on vacation.. The dance is society, and the sound of One Melody.. Listen and have patience, and you will see your self standing..

In self-reflection of all the action, remember its your own projection..

A strong will is the determination, in all you feel, all creation of expression.

I sense the movement in the elements, oh, how beautiful it's intelligence.

The air tuch my bone.. The water melts as one.. The earth is felt in stone.. The fire stands the warm..

While the ether holds my form.

And as long as I don't let the storm in action, move me in the wrong direction, my consequence is all I sense, as I continue to dance..!

In the eye of the tornado, where no lie can tame the ego.

I'm move gently with the breeze and move wild as I am free.

No more a mystery when witnessed by the all, Magistracy - The Dance of form I see.. The Dance of Leela Dreams.. I will stand as truth to the.. The words of eternity.. May my world turn innocently, my action shows how the stage blows and how the law of accountability flows.

I now forever stay inevetably.. In my way with Krystal clear integrity.

Can you see the dance from the dancers ?

Dance, dance, just do your best.. You play the frequency and these becomes your destiny..

Dance, dance, I am These I am, the game of playing Me..

All my Love

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(kvinne 45 år fra Buskerud) sø. 24 juni 2012 08:26 Privat melding

Danser til livets beat....