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(mann 35 år fra Akershus) on. 24 okt. 2012 11:23 Privat melding

Did you know? the most versatile word in the english vocabulary, is the word "fuck"... Go figure..;)

(mann 25 år fra Oslo) on. 24 okt. 2012 17:49 Privat melding

fuck the fucking fuckers!

(mann 69 år fra Vest-Agder) on. 24 okt. 2012 17:50 Privat melding

The word F### in its literal form means Copulation, nothing more than that, therefore it is not really versatile in its true form. Of course that word on almost all occaisions is used out of context, which means that in the modern usage of the word it can be used in the position of a Verb, Noun, Adjective or Adverb. Also it can be compounded with other words such as Mother.

It is not a word that i like to use, and can easily be replaced by another without any reduction in the effect of the statement that was being made.

Skjult ID on. 24 okt. 2012 17:54

TS is a fucking fucker that is fucking fucked up.

(kvinne 40 år fra Akershus) on. 24 okt. 2012 17:57 Privat melding

"I do not spew profanities. I enunciate them clearly, like a fucking lady"

"Lånt" fra


Skjult ID med pseudonym Grimstad82 on. 24 okt. 2012 18:06

(mann 35 år fra Akershus) on. 24 okt. 2012 20:46 Privat melding

Oh fuck...

(mann 35 år fra Akershus) on. 24 okt. 2012 20:47 Privat melding

Positivity... Fuck YEAH!