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(mann 56 år fra Oslo) fr. 23 nov. 2012 19:05 Privat melding

Fine norske ordtak "direkte" oversatt til engelsk (directly oversat to english):

- Now the chimney got another sound
- Go to the aunt and get vica
- Little tune can whale a big lass
- A fool in the hand is better than tence on the roof
- No one knows the day before the son has gone away
- He shall early be crutched, to be a good crook

Drive on, folks!

(mann 47 år fra Oslo) fr. 23 nov. 2012 19:32 Privat melding

Chair on me.
No, pull me now backwards into the birdbox.
Tar God!
It walks troll in words.

Skjult ID med pseudonym Flora fr. 23 nov. 2012 20:29

Stand on boys! Many good word-takes here : )

Her er en setning tatt fra en OLOS (for de av oss som er så gamle at vi husker hva det var):
He came driving in a bad car = Han kom drivende i et badekar

Skjult ID med pseudonym Calvados fr. 23 nov. 2012 21:09

It goes over head not duck!
About the winter I drive with pigs on my decks.

Og en (gammel) dansk en: "I thought it enough!"

(mann 42 år fra Telemark) fr. 23 nov. 2012 21:15 Privat melding

The bigthing made a woodroof

(mann 51 år fra Østfold) lø. 24 nov. 2012 00:01 Privat melding

The fast-window went on a reason on the outside of the black-country.

(mann 56 år fra Oslo) lø. 24 nov. 2012 01:05 Privat melding

Herleg! Kva gjer magemusklane betre enn ei intens latterbyge?

(what mace your stomach muschells better than an intence laughterbow?)

the one that lays last has laughed best

small Hanks have big Ears

Away good, but home best

What the heart is filled with, runs over in the mouth

The one that never vagues, never wins

Skjult ID med pseudonym Panegyrisk lø. 24 nov. 2012 06:48

it goes the road the hen sparks

(kvinne 40 år fra Akershus) lø. 24 nov. 2012 14:06 Privat melding

- As you nest, so you lie.
- Shoemaker, stay at your read.
- In againsthills, it goes up.