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Less likely to meet others if profile is not in Norwegian ?

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(mann 58 år fra Oslo) ti. 5 feb. 2013 00:12 Privat melding

After some soul searching and discussions tonight with friends both female and male I decided to join SUKKER and create a profle.

Although I speak and read Norwegian fluently its not my mother tounge, and I find it easier when writing to express myself in English.

However my friends think that I am less likely to meet a partner on here because my profile is not in Norwegian, what do you think ? am I destined to search in vain !

Skjult ID ti. 5 feb. 2013 00:43

Lurer på om jeg skal skrive profilen min på engelsk jeg og, norsk er et ganske språkfattig språk. :)

(mann 58 år fra Oslo) ti. 5 feb. 2013 00:59 Privat melding

Thanks for the advice have uploaded more pics

Skjult ID med pseudonym pgmp ti. 5 feb. 2013 04:00

I guess you'd reach a larger market if you start out with a short Norwegian text, kind of proving that you actually know the language and explain that you prefer to write in English. Then write the rest in English.
I back of when I see a profiles written in poor English or poor Norwegian. If it's well written I don't care if it's any of those languages. Actually it happens that I read text in English, and if you ask me 5 minutes later which language it was, I wouldn't remember. But if the text was full of typos, I would remember them and not the text!

Skjult ID med pseudonym Typos ti. 5 feb. 2013 07:48

Typos as in
"I back of" instead of "I back off"?
"a profiles" instead of "a profile"?

Skjult ID med pseudonym pgmp ti. 5 feb. 2013 12:19


Skjult ID med pseudonym Patsy ti. 5 feb. 2013 12:27

You could use Google translate to translate your profile into Norwegian.

Skjult ID med pseudonym pgmp ti. 5 feb. 2013 12:32

Googlish is the most common way to make ppl consider your profile as fake.

Skjult ID ti. 5 feb. 2013 15:42

Du sier at du snakker norsk(flyttende) men lager profil på engelsk. Vet du hva, mye mer sjarmerende er når utlendinger skriver norsk her inne. Tro eller ei :) Men valget er ditt...

Skjult ID med pseudonym Lurer? ti. 5 feb. 2013 15:49

Du er jo heller ikke engelsk tror jeg??
Litt for mange grammatiske feil i engelsken din også?

Skjult ID med pseudonym Fapfapfap ti. 5 feb. 2013 17:07

Kjeft "lurer". Mannen er da for svarte engelsk selvom han har et par skriveleifer. Din overdrevne bruk av spørsmålstegn får meg til å tro at du er evneveik.

Skjult ID med pseudonym bos ti. 5 feb. 2013 19:16


Ingen grunn til å klage , du kan pøve å skrive det på urdu , ser hvor mye respons du får

Skjult ID ti. 5 feb. 2013 19:48

Vil tro norsk funker best på sukkerdamer.

Skjult ID med pseudonym femtitre ti. 5 feb. 2013 23:20

norsk fungerer best ja.mye utenlanske fake her.

(mann 35 år fra Hordaland) on. 6 feb. 2013 06:05 Privat melding

@patsy: Must agree with "pgmp" If you translate your profile text with google it can turn out more fake than if its in english. My two cent is to maybe let a friend or someone translate it for you. Then you atleast will know it will be correct norwegian =)

(mann 58 år fra Oslo) on. 13 feb. 2013 16:28 Privat melding

Takk for alle svar !
For de som ikke tror jeg er engelsk, helt riktig ! Jeg er Irsk
Ever tried writing a Norsk message med en Engelsk keyboard ?
sorry about all my grammer faults, quite agree re a google translation, falsk og uriddig

(mann 39 år fra Oslo) on. 13 feb. 2013 18:02 Privat melding

In my experience I don't think people object much to non-Norwegian Europeans(they are probably sceptical to non westerners though) and I think Norwegians have a good impression of the Irish, as a down to earth and friendly people. Some might even think that the Celts and Norse are somewhat similar in spirit compared to lets say the French.

I think that if you just put yourself out there, open up with who you are and add those pictures and "sell yourself" then you will do good.

Kind regards and the best of luck mate.