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Magic all around

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Skjult ID med pseudonym forrvirret ma. 30 des. 2013 19:20

Magic all around.

There's magic in our lives,
it's all around the world,
in the stationary spots
and the places we are hurled.

There's magic on the train,
That's going round the bend.
You find it in beginnings
and tales that have no end.

There's magic in a song,
and in the pages of a book.
Some people close their eyes,
when they really need to look.

There's magic in us all,
somehow I always knew.
And you can even find it
at the bottom of your brew.

If you open up your eyes,
there's no limit to what you might discover.
It's in the things that surround you
and surely in the eyes of your lover.

It's in the moments we forget,
and those still to happend yet.
Remember this, my friend,
right until the very end...

There's magic in the air,
and it's floating everywhere.
Feel it flowing all arround,
it's even on the ground.

Belive it and it's true,
'cause it's always up to you.
You better start to care,
'cause there's magic everywhere.

- av Tommy Sydsæter

Skjult ID med pseudonym forrvirret ma. 30 des. 2013 19:21

Noe å ta med seg inn i det nye året folkens. Det finnes magi der ute, vi må bare lukke opp øynene og se den, eller bidra til å lage den...

Skjult ID med pseudonym arneand ma. 30 des. 2013 20:40

Madam Mim?